Coffee Calculator determins the ideal Brew Ratio

Applications That Matter

PocketMatter Labs is committed to developing mobile apps that make a positive impact in people's lives. Our main focus has been in the lifestyle category and our CoffeeNotes app is showcased here to help explain our motivations and design approach during application development. CoffeeNotes strives to improving how we brew and experience coffee as an artisan. Coffee is something we are passionate about and we hope you can tell by the innovative approaches and care we took in developing the app.

"Automagically", we perform all the calculations needed based on the science of coffee to produce results that speak to the connoisseur or barista in a natural way.  By putting forward the controls that are measurable and at the disposal of the coffee brewer, the mystery of how these parameters affect the brew are easily understood. No longer is it necessary to refer to complicated brewing charts and formulas, freeing your mind to concentrate on the task at hand.

Cupping in Mulanje,  photo by Travis Marshall

Coffee Cupping

Both professionals and consumers benefit from cupping coffee to highten your senses so that you can distinguish the nuances of different types of coffee.  Coffee cupping is performed at every part of the supply chain.  The CoffeeNotes app makes cupping coffee more repeatable by specifying the grind size used as well as all the other parameters that can affect coffee taste.

Cupping Score using Interactive Controls

Custom Cupping controls

Designing custom controls is not an easy endeavour but pays off in ease of use and better interpretation.  The custom picker for cupping integrates a graphical representation of the cupping profile into the user interface.  The user first selects the item to be scored and then slides the scrollbar to change the rating.  In this case, the Fragrance rating is set at 9.4 points on a scale from 5 to 10.