Brew timing during Pour-Over

Barista's are very aware of how critical brewing time can be to get that ultimate cup of coffee everyone desires.  The timer is set based on past experience or from a recommendation.  But, it is doubtful that the time has been adjusted for a particular grind size or amount of coffee being made. The CoffeeNotes incorporates a timer that adjusts itself based on the recipe and type of brewer being used. Brew time is something that varies accordingly and CoffeeNotes is dedicated to getting it just right.

In-app Integrated Timer

CoffeeNotes integrates the timer with the knowledge of the brewer being used and the coffee recipe being brewed.  This makes it easier to adjust coffee settings and leaves no doubt as to how long the brew should take. The CoffeeNotes timer distinguishes between the wetting or "bloom" phase from the actual pouring phase.  In the photo shown above, there is 2:50 remaining to complete the brew cycle.  At the completion of the brew, CoffeeNotes sets a notification that it's "coffee time" and offers a few choices on what you want to do next, like rate the coffee or repeat the brew.