The "Science of Coffee" in Your Pocket

PocketMatter Labs, the developer of the newly released CoffeeNotes app, wants to dramatically improve the way we brew and enjoy coffee. Comprehensive research on coffee and the brewing process was conducted, which has resulted in the innovative CoffeeNotes app currently available on the Android platform. The power and convenience of smartphones have changed how we go about our daily routines. CoffeeNotes starts off the morning ritual of brewing coffee by perfecting that ‘cup of joe' which results in coffee that tastes as good or better than from your local coffee shop. At its most basic level, when using an automatic drip brewer, you input how many cups of water you are using and the CoffeeNotes app will tell you how much ground coffee to use. The end result is a consistent and exceptional cup of coffee no matter what type of coffee equipment you are using. 

Currently, specialty coffee dominates the market. But as consumers, in order to fully realize the potential of this higher grade of coffee bean, we must brew these beans correctly. When we simplify brewing instructions into a rule of thumb of say “use 2 tbsp of coffee for each 6 oz of water,” we are ignoring all of the other variables that greatly impact the taste and quality of our brewed coffee.  The primary brewing factor that affects coffee taste is the grind size; it is critical to match that grind size to the type of brewer being used. CoffeeNotes solves this problem by allowing you to input your coffee’s grind size, which is used to calculate the optimum brew ratio for your specific brewer.

CoffeeNotes Brings the Science of Coffee into Your Pocket.

CoffeeNotes Brings the Science of Coffee into Your Pocket.

In addition to helping you make your perfect cup of coffee, CoffeeNotes also enhances the experience of enjoying coffee through social networking. Coffee lovers are able to rate and save recipes for later retrieval and share them with friends or colleagues. Furthermore, true connoisseurs will enjoy using the flavor wheel and scoring pickers to automatically generate a detailed description of the coffee with the flavor terms you’ve selected.

Mr. Mayworm started PocketMatter Labs, Inc as an app development company and highlights CoffeeNotes as a design example on the website. The beta release version of CoffeeNotes can now be downloaded from the Google Play store or to get additional information go to the CoffeeNotes website. The app sells for $4.99 with no in-app purchases or advertisements. But, if you sign-up with your email at you will be notified on how to receive a heavily discounted introductory price.


The CoffeeNotes press images can be downloaded from Dropbox here.

PocketMatter Labs is please to release the Beta version of the CoffeeNotes app on the Android market. Visit the Play Store at for more information and to download.  The app is compatible with Android versions 4.2 and higher and an iOS version is in the works.